DEFCON 16: Taking Back your Cellphone (on a cellphone network in the US)

This presentation will cover a variety of topics of interest to anyone on a cellphone network in the US. I’m going to cover how to use your own backends for MMS and WAP access, unlock Bluetooth tethering, and circumvent some of the more obnoxious carrier restrictions.

Of course, the best part is baking your own firmware and running your own code. I’ll provide an overview of the processes necessary to do so, a quick rundown of what you can expect from your carrier, a few tools and docs I’ve assembled to take a little pain out of the process, and all of the information you’ll need to void your warranty with gusto and panache.

I’ll provide several demonstrations you can follow along with on your own phone. The more restricted your phone is, the more mileage you’ll get out of this talk — and one lucky audience member will have their warranty voided live!

Speaker: Alexander Lash, Security Researcher

Download the pdf:

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  1. kid
    September 24, 2012 at 15:20

    This is very old, but its still super informative.

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