Protect your privacy: How to hide from face-detection technology

By John D. Sutter, CNN, via @Blonde_Phantom

(CNN) – If you take Adam Harvey’s advice, here’s what you might wanna wear to a party this weekend: A funny hat, asymmetrical glasses, a tuft of hair that dangles off your nose bridge and, most likely, a black-and-white triangle taped to your cheekbone. Optional: Cubic makeup patterns all around your eyes.

All of these otherworldly fashion accessories – which could leave a person looking kind of like an opulent villain from “The Hunger Games” – have a singular goal: to stop your face from being detected by cameras and computers. Called CV Dazzle (short for “computer vision dazzle;” more on the name later), Harvey’s project is a provocative and largely theoretical response to the rise of surveillance cameras on street corners and face-detecting technology that’s been incorporated into social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr.

If you employ these techniques, Harvey, 30, hopes computers won’t even know you have a face …

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More Information

How Facial Recognition Systems Work, by Kevin Bonsor and Ryan Johnson

Engineering Privacy in Public: Confounding Face Recognition, James Alexander and Jonathan Smith (pdf) – The objective of DARPA’s Human ID at a Distance (HID) program “is to develop automated biometric identification technologies to detect, recognize and identify humans at great distances.” While nominally intended for security applications, if deployed widely, such technologies could become an enormous privacy threat, making practical the automatic surveillance of individuals on a grand scale. Face recognition, as the HID technology most rapidly approaching maturity, deserves immediate research attention in order to understand its strengths and limitations, with an objective of reliably foiling it when it is used inappropriately. This paper is a status report for a research program designed to achieve this objective within a larger goal of similarly defeating all HID technologies.

  4 comments for “Protect your privacy: How to hide from face-detection technology

  1. Dave
    April 30, 2012 at 00:23

    I have never shop lifted ,yet i am spied on as if i were a shoplifter so if they wish to challenge me to a contest I will play. I never done anything to hide from ,yet I am spied on as if I were a Threat so I will accept that challenge too.

  2. nimuex
    December 15, 2012 at 08:10

    Problem with this is make up makes you stickout like a sore thumb so if thE cameras dont notice u vigilant stateops will.

    Some kind of non poisonous foundation may need to bé invented. Failing that a baseball cap lined with tin foil and small leds is supposed to make your whole head invisible.

    Otherwise use chewing gum to change contours of ur face esp around teeth n cheeks.

    • anonymiss
      December 15, 2012 at 17:19


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