Pillage & Plunder

What western nations have used for centuries is a two-pronged strategy, one energy-driven (aimed at securing more resources from the rest of the world) and the other security-driven, (aimed at enhancing the capacity to intervene in exactly such locales),  that governs policies toward much of the world.

Modern war is a combination of military, economic, political, and propaganda pressure against the enemy, fought on all fronts at once. The United States, Britain, France, and others supported dictatorships and monarchies, even overthrowing democracies, overtly and covertly so that the resources of the region could be pillaged and plundered.


Such raids on the world require resources, spin (owning some media makes that a lot easier), lobbies, treaties with allies, accountants, bribes (renumerations, installments made to government officials), robbing, infiltrating and suppressing true civilian control, the occasional assassination …

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