A look into the sausage factory


This page is for collecting links on the arms trade business often used for supporting or creating insurgencies in favour of the sausage complex.


Legitimising arms trade:

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Politics & Lobbying

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Arms Trade

Each year, around $45-60 billion worth of arms sales are agreed. Most of these sales (something like 75%) are to developing countries.

The 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council (US, Russia, France, United Kingdom and China), together with Germany and Italy account for around 85% of the arms sold between 2004 and 2011.

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Conventional weapons

The trade in small arms and light weapons today sustains bloody conflicts around the world. As a result, large areas of the world have become extremely dangerous.

The Grimmett Report categorises conventional weapons in:

  • Tanks and Self-propelled Guns (includes light, medium, and heavy tanks; self-propelled artillery; self-propelled assault guns).
  • Artillery (includes field and air defense artillery, mortars, rocket launchers and recoilless rifles — 100 mm and over; FROG launchers — 100mm and over).
  • Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Armored Cars (includes personnel carriers, armored and amphibious; armored infantry fighting vehicles; armored reconnaissance and command vehicles).
  • Major Surface Combatants (includes aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates).
  • Minor Surface Combatants (includes minesweepers, subchasers, motor torpedo boats, patrol craft, motor gunboats).
  • Submarines (includes all submarines, including midget submarines).
  • Guided Missile Patrol Boats (includes all boats in this class).
  • Supersonic Combat Aircraft (includes all fighter and bomber aircraft designed to function operationally at speeds above Mach 1).
  • Subsonic Combat Aircraft (includes all fighter and bomber aircraft designed to function operationally at speeds below Mach 1).
  • Other Aircraft (includes all other fixed-wing aircraft, including trainers, transports, reconnaissance aircraft, and communications/utility aircraft).
  • Helicopters (includes all helicopters, including combat and transport).
  • Surface-to-air Missiles (includes all ground-based air defense missiles).
  • Surface-to-surface Missiles (includes all surface-surface missiles without regard to range, such as Scuds and CSS-2s. It excludes all anti-tank missiles. It also excludes all anti-ship missiles, which are counted in a separate listing).
  • Anti-ship Missiles (includes all missiles in this class such as the Harpoon, Silkworm, Styx and Exocet).
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Experimental weapons

Using land where “others” live as a lab for testing experimental weapons is likely a general strategy for the UK, the US and Israel, possibly of all first world countries and NATO: maintain low intensity operations/conflicts for use as a military testing/training  ground.

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Arms trade shows

And then track when experimental weapons appear on what trade shows.

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What future?

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Got more links that are helpful for (our) research of the pillaging & plundering that’s going on? Post in the comments below please!

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