Overt and covert interventions

This page is for collecting (research) links for questioning policies, chosen military strategies and interventions.

Military Industrial Complex

President Bush’s ultimatum to the people of the world – “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” – is a piece of presumptuous arrogance. It’s not a choice that people want to, need to, or should have to make.

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How it works? Around 80% is copycatting strategies Napoleon used. Scenario planning, the supportive application of systems theory, game theory, wargaming theory and many other modes of practical strategic thinking and strategic execution are also used.

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The “frightened” security councils are always frightened at the prospect of losing (more) control. To them, their “freedom” is at stake. For centuries, due to the power politics and struggle over the control of resources in the Middle East, various powers have supported numerous controversial regimes.

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Besides the usual opportunistic scenario:

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Every communication system is a spying system. And it looks like everybody will be spying on everybody. Digital systems are just far easier to penetrate than analogue systems and thus much easier to use for spying.

Overt operations

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Covert operations

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The Iraq war is only one country of many in decades of military involvement and covert action in oil producing regions. Successive US, European, and Chinese administrations have equated national security with access to, and control of, oil – particularly in the Persian Gulf, which holds two-thirds of global oil reserves.

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Lies & Propaganda

To the populations back home the reasons given was that is was for “things” like “freedom”, “stability”, “containing communism (the enemy without)”, “security”, even if it was not the case. Convenient excuses, but the underlying threat was often that nations might be able to use their own resources and be an example for others to follow.

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Distracting people by creating a focus on irrelevant threats. Dangerous move, what with the internet and more and more people becoming aware of the usual and commonly used political patterns. The internet may put enough of a stop that. Telephone had a great social impact. Let’s hope the internet makes a similar difference. How can I believe “others than us” are a threat if I have exchanged with “others” and found them to be very human, and not so “other” at all? When my empath refuses to believe authorities and conjured up “common enemies”?

Fraud & Corruption

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War & conflicts watchdogs

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Knock-on effects

Many rulers in the third world have been supported into power by western overt and covert operations so that the region could be pillaged and plundered. For the people of the region that had their leaders overthrown and replaced with corrupt rulers, this was surely not freedom. If successfully having avoided being killed in the melee as a “collateral damage”, it meant poverty.

[linkview show_cat_name=”0″ cat_name=”Health & Economy”] Displacement is not only about physical displacement. Ever had a really bad day at work and taken out your frustration on family and friends? Then you have experienced the ego defense mechanism of displacement. In a very mild form. Displacement involves taking out frustrations, feelings, and impulses on people or objects that are less threatening. Wealth never really trickles down, but such psychological displacement effects do trickle down and into the future.

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What future?

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Got more links that are helpful for (our) research of overt or covert interventions going on? Post in the comments below please!

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